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Limited Edition Handmade Damascus Pairing Knife

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This limited edition handmade Pairing knife is part of the Butcher's Blade Summer 2021 Damascus series of knives. Each knife is handmade and no two handle are 100% identical, they are the same pattern and material but since they are made by hand there will be very slight variances if you compare 2 side by side.

This Knife is made of 420 layers of High Carbon Damascus steel with any 4.5" blade and 4.5" handle. Each knife come in a wooden storage box.

* Only 50 of these knives produced for this series

Common Do’s and Don’ts;

  • Never put knives in dishwasher
  • Wipe knives dry directly after use, a light brushing with mineral oil will help avoid rusting.
  • Never use knives on glass, stone, or steel. Only rubber or wood
  • Never use knife as a hammer, lever, shovel, etc.
  • Do not store in a wet sheath
  • Keep knife sharp to avoid injury
  • Do not put knife into sink full of dish water
  • Remember to clean and oil the handle as well as the blade
  • Never put into a fire, or in contact with extremely hot surfaces