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You Salty Bro? The Ultimate SALT Bundle

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Some people are just SALTY and and can't handle it... well we can.  So come enjoy the top 3 salts in the market... BUNDLE AND SAVE!

The Smoke Show

If a chef could only use one "spice," it's likely that they'd choose salt. The FINEST DAMN SALT out there!

With the addition of smoke, MeatSoHorny elevates the flavor of this simple component. This coarse salt is given a light mahogany color after 24 hours of "Cold Smoke" from a combination of hardwoods, which intensifies the flavor. It will undoubtedly boost the taste profile of any meal when used as a finishing salt.

The Salty Hog

What could be any better than our original Smoke Show Mediterranean Sea Salt infused with BACON?!?  Well, here it is - The Salty Hog

Enjoy on pretty much anything,  YES anything!  Try on ice cream it will blow your mind.  I mean what isn't BACON good on?

The Vampire Hunter


Are you ready for a taste explosion? It's here...the original Smoke Show Sea Salt paired with a deliciously pungent granulate garlic to create The Vampire Hunter

This combination will compliment any roasted protein or vegetable! Try it now, but be prepared for a tasty punch to the palate:)