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MSH Sinful Ghost Pepper Gummy CHALLENGE

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Can you take the heat? Now introducing the NEWEST VIRAL sensation and the largest Ghost Pepper Gummy on the MARKET - 40G.   

It tastes like cherry we swear!

1 MILLION+ Scoville UNITS.

Made in the USA with natural flavors and no trans fat.  


WARNING: By acquiring this item:

1. You're over the age of 18

2. This product should be used with great CAUTION due to its intense heat.

3. This product should only be used in very little amounts and with extreme caution because of how hot it is.

4. You use this product at your own risk and acknowledge that it might be dangerous if used or handled incorrectly.

5. You will fully educate the receiver of the potential risk if this product is used or handled incorrectly if you offer it as a gift or let someone else to consume it.

6. As a consequence of interaction with this product, MSH Enterprises Corp is not responsible for any possible allergic response, negative health effects, injury, or death.