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Worth A Squirt OMG 3 Pack

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This 3 pack with our Original, PINEAPPLE and Garlic will make you say OMG every time you Squirt one of these hot sauces onto your delish dish. 

Be original in the kitchen. Our original hot sauce will elevate the taste of anything that it squirts onto, giving your food one epic unique flavor profile! Too many hot sauces just burn your palate and destroy a dishes flavor not ours. One taste and you will be squirting it on everything!

You will never eat a tropical dish the same again after a few squirts of our mango hot sauce! Our mango Hot Sauce is an amazing blend of all natural mangoes and scotch bonnet peppers. Epic as a condiment for any type of food. 

Take your love of garlic to the next level. Our best seller! This Garlic Hot Sauce is worth a Squirt. Take your love of garlic to the next level. One squirt and you will be a brand ambassador for this hot sauce.